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Experience the best day of your life at our fantastic location!  
Your wedding is meant to be one of if not the most beautiful moments in your life. Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroek will make the day of your wedding into the fairy-tale you have always imagined it to be. Your entire wedding day can be held at Kasteel Daelenbroeck ; from wedding ceremony to dinner, from a wonderful dance in the evening to the first night in one of our romantic bridal suites. 
The entirety of Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroek is also perfectly suited for unique wedding photography.  

Wedding ceremony 

Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroek is acknowledged by law as wedding location, this means that your wedding ceremony can be fulfilled anywhere on our estate, from one of the romantic salons in the Castle to our awe-inspiring beech tree. 
Choose whichever salon suits you best and we will transform it into a venue where you will say “I do”. The celebration of this delightful ceremony can also be done in one of the many gorgeous locations in our castle. 

From toast to cake 

Kasteel Daelenbroeck is the perfect location for a reception completely adjusted to your needs and wants. 
Welcome your guests with a surprising Kasteel Cocktail on our terrace or in one of the salons and cut into your cake. After this bites and drinks will be served. Of course this is all to the backdrop of a fittingly decorated space with candlelight and flowers. Either you yourself or Kasteel Daelenbroeck  will also select suitable music to accompany the festivities. 
To make your reception complete we have several “All-in” packages available. For a reception after your liking or simply a tour of our space feel free to contact us. 


Kasteel Daelenbroeck offers several rooms for a delicious dinner, each with their own unique ambiance, from the homelike salons heated by a fire to the more spacious Ridderzaal or Rentmeesterzaal. The furnishing and table setup of the rooms can of course be adjusted to suit your needs.  
For your dinner (minimum of 10 persons) Kasteel Daelenbroeck offers several suggestions for menus paired with a wine selection. Our menus change every month and can be adjusted to your needs if you so desire. 


The Hoofdburcht with both the Ridderzaal and Rentmeesterzaal and various 14th century vaults is perfectly suited for all kinds of parties, up to a capacity of 200 persons. 
Your guests will be welcomed with a Kasteel Cocktail and as soon as the DJ or live-band start playing the party is started. To keep you going busy there will be a dinner buffet or a selection of bites arranged in one of the rooms adjacent to the larger halls. 

Wedding night 

After the ‘best day of your life’ has finished you can retire to one of our luxurious suites. 
Your guests can stay in either one of the other rooms at Kasteel Daelenbroeck, or in one of the rooms in Boshotel Vlodrop. For those staying in Boshotel Vlodrop we can always arrange transport to and from Kasteel Daelenbroeck. 
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