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National Park De Meinweg 

National Park De Meinweg has a surface of 1.600 hectares consisting of forests, heaths, fens and streams. Because of this diversity in environment the biodiversity in this park is exceptionally high. Some of the more notable ones are the wild boar, the adder and the sand lizard. Three cracks in the surface have caused the creation of four terraces in the environment and an accompanying change in elevation of more than 50 metres. Whilst this might not seem like much, at the end of a long walk such a change in elevation will become painfully obvious to your legs. 
Whilst De Meinweg is perfect for long hikes or bicycle rides, horse-riding is always an option as well. All throughout De Meinweg, Roerdal and even into Germany there is more than 150 kilometres worth of bridle trails to be traversed. When you return to Kasteel Daelenbroeck  there is also the option of putting your horse up in one of the stables at Kasteel Daelenbroeck . 

Visitors centre De Meinweg / Brasserie De Boshut 
Here you can find brochures and maps or simply relax and have a bite to eat after a long walk. There is also abundant space for your children to play. 

De Boshut Eten & Drinken 
Meinweg 2, 6075 NA Herkenbosch 
Telephone: (0475) 53 04 39