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The Roerdal 

The Roerdal is the valley surrounding the river called the Roer. The area is characterised by a rolling landscape filled with farmlands, fields, small forests and laid hedge. This area is a part of the ‘Waardevol Cultuur Landschap Midden-Limburg’. 
Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroek is situated in the municipality of Roerdalen. This municipality holds the towns of Herkenbosch, Melick, Montfort, Posterholt, St. Odiliënberg and Vlodrop. In the outskirts there are sever smaller villages such as Etsberg, Holst, Lerop, Paarlo, ‘t Reutje, Varsten and Waterschei. These towns have a rich history, which can be seen in the beautiful churches and other buildings . 

Cultural history 

Although the point at which the area was initially settled is hard to determine, some of the oldest remains found have been from the Roman time, some of which can be found in the exhibition of the Roerstreekmuseum in St. Odiliënberg. St. Odiliënberg is best known for its Basilica, which dates back to the 11th century and has immense value for the history of art. Roerdalen has several other unique and interesting buildings and monuments, such as Kasteel Daelenbroeck, De Gitstappermolen, a “Beltkoren”mill and Kasteel Montfort. Although reading about such things is interesting, the only way to truly experience the cultural history of a place is to visit these unique buildings yourself, preferably with an enthusiastic and well-informed guide.