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Culture and Kasteel Daelenbroeck are almost inseparable. Kasteel Daelenbroeck is, as any good castle should be, surrounded by a moat which holds the Voorburcht and the Hoofdburcht. The Voorburcht consists of 3 separate wings and a spacious courtyard. It was built around 1707. The Hoofdburcht and its 14th century vaults have an imposing feel and holds several rooms and halls. Both buildings are designated as national monuments. 
Aside from the sheer beauty of the buildings themselves, the cultural activities which are organised inside these building are worth a visit. The Hoofdburcht for example is the backdrop to Castle concerts on every last Sunday of the months of September through March and in the Voorburcht you can find several different art exhibitions. Tours of these historic buildings are organised by Maria Bonten, who has collaborated with Kasteel Daelenbroeck  to arrange several different tours and packages. 

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