Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroek has a rich history, which can be fully explored on one of our tours through the medieval castle walls and foundations. 
The estate is more than just a castle, however. Outside of the historical buildings the natural environment is worth exploring in its own right. 
Tours are exclusively held in groups, organised by Historisch Toeristisch Bemiddelingsbureau Maria Bonten. 
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Day trips and tours in Kasteel Daelenbroeck 

You will be received by Maria Bonten with coffee and cake, after which you will be given a short introduction to the history of Kasteel Daelenbroeck. 

In the atmospheric Ridderzaal Maria Bonten will hold a short presentation accompanied by visual aids on one or several of the following themes: 

  • Attractive outhouses and gardens 
  • Myths and legends 
  • The cultural history behind scent: this includes a scent workshop 
  • Empress Sisi and the Viennese Waltz 
  • Abbeys – Withers  and Trappists with a tasting 
  • Interior decoration in the golden age (17th century?) 
  • Nostalgic stories and anecdotes about Limburgian smugglers   

Tour of the castle 
After this short presentation you will begin the tour through the castle itself. You will be led from the original vaults to the Ridderzaal to the restored tower. Finally you will take a short walk across the estate alongside the moat back to the Garden Hall. 
The programmes for the tour can be reserved with a lunch, High Tea or dinner. 
Are you interested or do you want more information? Our reservations department will answer all your questions.